Manufacturers that have focused on LED production plan to tap a market for infrared LEDs used in mobile iris authentication.For instance, Arima Optoelectronics (Arima) is prioritising iris recognition chips just as observers are expecting these to play an increasingly important role in mobile payments, reports LEDinside.The newspaper notes that iris recognition devices tend to use 810 nanometer wavelength IR LEDs, for instance IR LEDs are used for iris recognition in Samsung's flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.”Even though Samsung is still testing market responses to iris recognition, it will become a main feature in future mobile payments,” adds LEDinside.”It will only be a matter of time before iris recognition becomes a standard spec in smartphones, even though Samsung is a pioneer in the field, Chinese manufacturers can catch up in a very short period.”Once the product becomes widespread in the market, Arima Optoelectronics has the shipment capacity, and its distributors are currently sending company product samples to Samsung, LG and Chinese brands.”