A co-operative housing scheme in south Wales has become the first in the country to deploy a fingerprint-based access scheme.Shakespeare Gardens, from Newydd Housing Association near Pontypridd, is installing a Connective Touch SmartPro system at the development, which will give tenants full control over who can access their homes, and hopes to roll out the technology to other properties in the housing association's portfolio.Connective Touch uses a sensor to read fingerprints and convert them into a digital code. Once a correct match is identified, the software within the device releases a mechanical lock.”I believe that this technology, using fingerprints to unlock doors, can change lives,” said Devi Sohanta, Connective Touch founder. “It's safe, fast, easy and secure, providing tenants with complete peace of mind. There's no possibility that the security of the home is compromised simply because a key has been lost or stolen.”Elise Coalter, new business manager at Newydd, said the technology appealed to the organisation due to its innovation, convenience and improved security. It also “has the advantage of being a product that will last for the long term – so aiding the sustainability of the co-operative,” she said.