Norwegian match-on-card biometrics firm Zwipe, which has partnered with MasterCard on a contactless payment card with an integrated fingerprint biometric sensor, has announced that its Zwipe Access proximity card features new capabilities.Zwipe Access has now been integrated with HID Global proximity card systems including the iCLASS and 125 kHz ProxCard readers, said the firm, meaning that companies using HID systems could upgrade to biometric security cards without the need to replace or renew readers.”As the largest smart and proximity card provider in the world, HID Global has thousands of users who would like to upgrade to biometric authorization, but may not have the budget or the resources to invest in biometric readers,” added Robert Fee, director of sales, Americas, Zwipe.”The Zwipe biometric card provides an easy, affordable option for security professionals to extend the use of their present card systems by adding biometrics for multi-factor, card-based authentication.”The firm says that by upgrading the authentication from something staff carry (a card) to something they are (a fingerprint), the issues associated with a lost or stolen credential are dramatically reduced.Launched last October, Zwipe's solution is an on-card fingerprint scanner with 3D capacitive technology that resides on the contactless Zwipe Access biometric card.