The International Biometrics + Identity Association has written an open appeal to Congress over planned approaches to face recogntion.The IBIA wrote: “Facial recognition technology is one of many technologies that law enforcement can use to help keep communities safe. Facial recognition systems have improved rapidly over the past few years, and the best systems perform significantly better than humans.Today facial recognition technology is being used to help identify individuals involved in crimes, find missing children, and combat sex trafficking.”As the technology continues to improve, there will be even more opportunities in the future to use the technology as an investigative tool to solve crimes; as a security countermeasure against threats in airports, schools, and other public venues; and as a means to securely identify individuals at ports of entry. Indeed, travelers are already responding positively to biometric entry/exit programs that allow them to pass swiftly and securely through airports.”The IBIA added that while polls consistently show that Americans trust law enforcement to use facial recognition technology responsibly, some groups have called for lawmakers to enact bans on facial recognition technology.”While we agree that it is important to have effective oversight and accountability of these tools to uphold and protect civil liberties, we disagree that a ban is the best option to move forward. Bans would keep this important tool out of the hands of law enforcement officers, making it harder for them to do their jobs efficiently, stay safe, and protect our communities. “We are writing to encourage you to consider many of the viable alternatives to bans so that law enforcement can use facial recognition technology safely, accurately, and effectively”