A new electronic visa system being used by New Zealand has been proven to be susceptible to fraud attempts, with immigration bodies noting a surge in fake or doctored eVisa letters.A report by Newshub has also revealed officials are investigating a Kiwi employer over claims they've been altering details in the eVisa letters of migrant workers.The new electronic visa system issued by INZ involves sending international students, tourists or workers A4 pieces of paper which detail the applicant's immigration details. The problem is they're easily forged."The system that we've got now, if it is shown to be too open to exploitation then it will be changed," says Peter Devoy, assistant general manager of compliance and border operations at INZ.According to Immigration New Zealand, the number of visa applications confirmed to have misleading information, such as fraudulent bank accounts, funds with no clear origin, or fraudulent qualifications and work experience had spiked by 88% in 2018.