Biometric solutions provider ID R&D has released the newest version of its voice biometric security solution, IDVoice. The product's enhancements allow ID R&D to deliver the industry's fastest and most accurate text-independent biometric verification.IDVoice is an AI-based, mobile-optimized, low-footprint voice biometric solution that instantly authenticates users by evaluating individual users' biometric voice signature, comprised of over 100 distinctive characteristics. This newest version requires drastically shorter audio samples for text-independent voice biometric verification, while increasing authentication accuracy. Until now, industry standards required a minimum of seven to ten seconds of free speech for a positive voice ID with varying levels of accuracy. The new version of IDVoice requires just 1-2 seconds of free speech and is highly accurate. IDVoice returns an Equal Error Rate (EER) of just 0.3% on microphone collected dataset (test was based on the publicly-available CSTR VCTK Corpus) and 0.6% in telephone channels (NIST SRE 2010 telephone Core test).”ID R&D is excited to deliver this next-generation approach to voice biometrics which merges robust security and functional usability into a single solution,” said Konstantin Simonchik, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of ID R&D. “Through groundbreaking algorithms comprised of x-vectors and Convolutional Neural Networks, IDVoice offers the most accurate, fastest, and easiest solution for all industries looking to enhance security and UX through voice biometrics. This product is the next step in our journey to provide AI-based multimodal biometrics solutions that deliver unmatched security through a wholly frictionless experience for the end user.” The latest version of IDVoice is available now to ID R&D customers.