Technical complications have led Samsung to give up on including an in-glass fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy 8, according staff speaking to Korean media.Speaking to Naver, the unnamed official said, “We made every effort to install a display-integrated fingerprint sensor on Galaxy Note 8, but we decided not to install it on this strategic phone due to various technical limitations such as security.”The article also claims that Apple has succeeded in building a fingerprint scanner into the screen of the iPhone 8, but it's not clear where it got this information from. Many rumors say as much, but there's not been anything close to a confirmation yet.In March, a report in the Investor quoted senior Samsung officials as saying that it will not be feasible this time, despite progress in developing in-glass sensors. “The Korean tech giant and its touch sensor partner Synaptics were running out of time”, writes the newspaper. “Samsung poured resources into Synaptics' fledgling technology last year but the results were frustrating,” a source briefed on the matter told The Investor on condition of anonymity. “With the production imminent, the company had to decide to relocate the fingerprint scanning home button to the back of the device at the last minute.”If Apple has succeeded it will probably be first to market with the tech, as the iPhone 8 is expected to launch in September or October. Samsung could have beaten Apple to the punch, as the Note 8 is rumored to be landing in August, but now it looks like we won't see a Samsung handset with an in-screen fingerprint scanner until at least 2018.