The US's Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), with help from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is inviting industry and academia to take part in the Fusion of Face Recognition Algorithms(FOFRA) 2018 Prize Challenge.In the competition, participants will try to get more information out of a single image by using, and fusing, multiple algorithms.”Face recognition has made significant advances in recent years and the fusion of more than one algorithm has shown to improve its accuracy,” IARPA program manager Chris Boehnen said in announcing the contest. “These fusion schemes could allow users to leverage multiple algorithms without overhauling or re-designing the core technologies.”The technology IARPA hopes to generate through the contest would have across-the-board use in face recognition, though it wouldn't necessarily apply to every scenario. “The improvements sought within FOFRA would be relevant to watch list style recognition typical for a terrorism use case and to authentication verification scenarios such as securing a mobile device,” Boehnen said via email.”However, as fusion methods inherently have a higher computational cost (you're running more than one algorithm), it may not be the optimal choice if you are in a hardware constrained application with limited processing power,” he said. IARPA is conducting this challenge to invite the broader research community of industry and academia, both domestic and international, to participate in a convenient, efficient, and non-contractual way. The registration period will officially run until August 6, 2018. Participants will submit their fusion algorithms for evaluation to IARPA's partner, NIST. Solvers who are eligible to win a prize and with the most accurate and complete solutions will be eligible to win cash prizes from a total prize purse of $70,000. Winners will be announced in October 2018.To learn more about the FOFRA prize challenge, including rules, criteria, and eligibility requirements, visit here.