China has launched a new blockchain-based initiative to eliminate the tedious process of renting a car.The country's first kiosk was rolled out in Kunming, China on Monday.East Money reports that the upcoming Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) on January 25th is driving the demand for rent-a-car, self-driving tours. The unmanned kiosk, a collaboration between Alipay and Wukong Car Rental, allows consumers to drive off in their rental car after interacting with the machine.The new model, coupled with Alipay's face recognition payment system, reportedly completes the entire process without an attendant or manual car inspection. The consumer doesn't need to carry any ID cards or credit cards. Instead, a face swipe triggers the transaction.Consumers who have a Sesame credit score of 550 or more can even waive the deposit. The system also integrates blockchain capabilities to track the rental car process and prevent transaction disputes.