BIO-key has announced that T-Systems, Hungary's largest service provider covering the entire information communication spectrum, selected BIO-key to deliver biometric authentication solutions for one of their law enforcement organization customers. The customer purchased EcoID fingerprint scanners and ID Director for Windows to provide strong yet convenient multi-factor authentication.The customer already had several types of fingerprint scanners in place, but wanted to deploy fingerprint biometric authentication across the organization. BIO-key's interoperable support capabilities allowed them to leverage their existing hardware, which helped offset the cost of their deployment. Prior to implementing ID Director for Windows, which integrates with Active Directory to provide a biometric sign-in, employees were using passwords. “It's a testament to our technology and global brand to be recognized and selected by a leader in the IT communications industry from across the globe”, stated Mike DePasquale, Chairman & CEO BIO-key. “Additionally, it's important to note that this project was totally managed using remote and online resources. As the global demand for strong online security and multi-factor authentication continues to grow, BIO-key is able to meet the requirements of our international customers with our 24/7 remote tech support team. Today, there are no boundaries to our customer support capabilities, with our offices located in China, India, Singapore, Morocco and the U.S,” added DePasquale.