Google and Paypal have agreed to integrate Android Pay, the Chrome browser and Paypal for mobile shopping.The partnership, which will allow users to pay simply with a fingerprint on their devices, creates a potentially powerful alliance in mobile retail. Announced today, the development is an extension of a partnership announced between the two tech firms last month which enables consumers in the US to use PayPal as a payment method in the Android Pay wallet in apps and in stores. More than 53 million people globally have opted into PayPal's One Touch, which is deployed across more than five million merchant sites around the world.Pali Bhat, VP of payments products at Google, says: “Mobile checkout remains one of the biggest sources of friction in the commerce experience, and we're excited to collaborate with PayPal on enabling streamlined checkout experiences for all Android Pay and PayPal users.”Over the past year, PayPal has been focused on forging strategic partnerships with key players across the industry, from Visa and Mastercard to Google and Facebook.”The new facet of the [Android Pay] partnership is really two things,” PayPal COO Bill Ready told PYMNTS's Karen Webster yesterday. “The first is that Android Pay inside of Chrome will have tight coupling with PayPal. And importantly, when a user adds PayPal to Android Pay, we are going to allow those Android Pay users to shop at our PayPal merchants.”Ready told Webster that this multi-channel mobile team up was in many ways a natural extension of the both the work the two firms have been doing together for some years and PayPal's core mission to become the operating system for digital commerce.”Android is the biggest operating system in the world – and our job is to enable commerce in a variety of new contexts,” Ready said. “With Android Pay and Android's reach, we see an opportunity for consumers and merchants to find and create many new contexts and touchpoints. We are excited to be part of that journey.”