The African nation Liberia has taken steps towards the launch of a biometric eID card issuance, with the relevant equipment deployed in a central office.The issuance system is being installed at the Congo Town office of the National Identification Registry (NIR), says Tiah Nagbe, executive director, reports the Liberian Observer.Tiah Nagbe, executive director, said yesterday that the process will allow citizens and foreign residents to obtain their respective identification cards.Nagbe said the NIR and Techno Brian Global FZE, a company based in Ethiopia, had signed an agreement for the card system on April 11 for US$5.9 million to be implemented over the next three years.Nagbe said Techno Brian is an information technology company with over 20 years of experience that was selected through an international competitive bidding process involving 19 companies with vast experience in the field, adding that it took many years to finalize the agreement.Under this contract, he said, "We will set up a new biometric civil registry and issue the first one million ID cards, including 50,000 cards that meet ECOWAS ID card standard."According to him, NIR's plan is to complete the installation of the system and start issuing the ID cards by October 1.He said the benefits of a civil registry and biometric ID card are quite enormous, and will lead to improvements in the delivery of services across the country for government and the private sector.