German biometrics firm Dermalog has noted that its iris solution has achieved a speed of more than 8.5 million matches per second, in a result certified by the independent German auditor SGS-TUV Saar.The firm wrote in a statement that the results highlight their solution's capability to work with large-scale data sets for applications such as registration, verification and identification.The 8.5 million matches per second were measured by SGS-TUV Saar on a single blade including 40 CPU-cores, in other words a high performance server.Dermalog managing director Günther Mull said: “Identification and verification of individuals by means of iris characteristics demonstrates a high accuracy. In addition, this biometric technology is contactless, therefore very hygienic and requires very little maintenance. Especially large installations like national ID databases, customs authorities and Border Control facilities benefit from fast and reliable solutions.”The company noted that its solution also supports a series of infrared iris cameras. Amongst other things infrared lighting provides that in recordings of eyes of dark colour – sufficient details are visible. Additionally the photography can be taken without extensive preparation time and from a longer distance. Günther Mull: “The DERMALOG Iris Recognition software is able to process recordings of poor quality. The Iris Recognition is a future-proof technology for biometric data matching – an innovation Made in Germany.”