Unisys Corporation, as part of its relationship with Inspire Health Alliance, today announced the availability of U-Pass, a COVID-19 testing and health management solution that can help any public or private operation control who can access their environment, whether it's a building, bus, ship or plane. U-Pass combines comprehensive testing with a digital health passport and management services, and is scalable to organizations of any size. It features simple pricing that helps meet government funding requirements, as well as secure networking and data management that supports regulatory compliance and patient privacy.Amid the push to bring employees back to offices, facilities and transportation hubs; and students, faculty and staff back to schools, many organizations are turning to health passports as a way to determine whether an individual is healthy enough to enter. However, these passports are often paper-based, meaning they can be lost or forged. And even when digital solutions are available, they can be difficult to integrate or even require new systems and equipment to utilize them, which can be time consuming at a time when speed and efficiency is required.As a security and IT services partner to Inspire Health Alliance, Unisys provides end-to-end support, including project management, systems integration capabilities and onsite technical support and field services.With the addition of U-Pass, Unisys helps Inspire Health Alliance deliver a range COVID-19 testing and access control benefits, including:Comprehensive Testing: A wide array of testing options are available, including both rapid COVID-19 antibody and antigen tests, as well as PCR testing, managed independently by licensed healthcare administrators.Secure, Point-of-Entry Kiosk: As part of U-Pass, health checkpoint kiosks can be deployed at any entrance and include Unisys Stealth(identity)™, the company's biometric identity management software, to verify an individual's identity and help secure the safety of the facility. Biometric identity, combined with a negative test result, may be integrated into building management systems, where capable and feasible, to allow for physical access.”In order to reopen as swiftly and safely as possible, there are a number of important considerations that must be made,” said Eric Hutto, president and chief operating officer, Unisys. “Together with Inspire, we are focused on maintaining the highest standards and compliance with regulatory agencies in order to ensure every business, facility or school receives the care and quality that are critical for reducing infectiousness in virtually any environment – giving your workers, students and customers a greater sense of security, safety and peace-of-mind.”U-Pass represents the latest step in the company's relationship with Inspire Health Alliance. Last year, Unisys and Inspire announced the availability of real-time COVID-19 registration, testing and access control that measures for COVID-19 antibodies (did you have it) and antigens (do you currently have it). Once testing has completed, the organization can determine the actions to take based on the test results and their policies and applicable law.”Unisys is the perfect partner to help complement Inspire's robust COVID-19 testing program, given their unique ability to provide turnkey support at every step of the process. As we work to bring workers and students back into buildings, the ability to integrate testing, diagnostics and monitoring – in a way that is compliant with local health regulations – is essential to succeed,” said Ricardo A. Salas, managing partner at Inspire Health Alliance.