SPS has introduced a new component offer for ePassport vendors: inlays and eCovers that include copper wire antennas allowing manufacturers to benefit from the advantages of SPS eBooster technology while significantly improving their flexibility, reactiveness and cost-efficiency along with the reliability of the finished product.SPS's new ePassport inlays include the passport chip, a small antenna and a large copper wire antenna that resonate together, all set on a Teslin synthetic paper.With these new ePassport inlays and eCovers, passport manufacturers not only benefit from the latest technology but also enjoy more cost-efficient subsets that will allow them to become even more competitive on their markets. SPS ePassport inlays are based on a Teslin® high performance synthetic paper thus guaranteeing the durability and security of the support. They use copper wire antennas based on SPS eBooster® inductive coupling technology to optimize reliability.This new technology reinforces flexibility in the value chain: SPS is ready to deliver fully functional samples and small production batches within a very small time frame. We can also bring our support to passport manufacturers to setup their production, to manage their production ramp up according to their needs, and to remain a backup industrial source as a contingency plan. This way, passport manufacturers benefit from a total flexibility in setting up the best response to government demands for small and large volumes and fast delivery schedules, while securing their passport flow.SPS new ePassport offer can be delivered in two forms: the inlay, which includes a Teslin® high performance synthetic paper, with the chip and a large copper wire antenna, or the eCover, which combines the inlay with a passport cover. The cover, printed with the issuing country specific coat of arms, is ready for integration by ePassport manufacturers. SPS eCovers can also include additional security features, such as invisible UV inks, even expanding the document physical security level.Thanks to SPS eBooster® technology and the use of copper wire for the antenna, SPS new inlays and eCovers are able to include any type of passport chip, with any operating system, allowing ePassport manufacturers to satisfy all government demands in terms of ICAO-compliant ePassports.SPS, part of the IN Groupe, builds upon its longstanding experience in producing inlays as part of ePassports delivered to governments as diverse as France, Peru or many other countries.Jean-Baptiste Leos, head of products for SPS declares: "With our new inlay and eCover offer, we make ePassport manufacturers benefit from the latest innovations while keeping on building on the established advantages of SPS eBooster® technology in terms of reliability and durability, making them always more flexible and competitive on ePassport markets."SPS ePassport inlays and eCover are based on the company's eBooster® inductive coupling technology, which consists in using electromagnetic coupling between the antenna and the module (no physical connection between the chip and the antenna), making the inlay easier to integrate for all ID document manufacturers. As there is no physical connection between the small antenna embedded in the micromodule and the large antenna coil on the inlay, they are more durable and easily stand the life expectancy requirements of identity applications. In addition, this technology allows to protect even better the chip in the inlay by using a module and resin.SPS new ePassport inlays and eCover are readily available.