In the past month, CERTIFY Health has implemented positive patient identification (PPID) using facial biometrics at three Geisinger locations in Pennsylvania and will soon roll this technology throughout the health system. CERTIFY's PPID capabilities are integrated into Geisinger's existing electronic health record and administrative systems to create a seamless experience for both patients and administrative staff. Since leveraging the CERTIFY PPID tool, Geisinger has more than 4,000 individuals in their records to date, with that number increasing every day.Through this workflow, patients scan their face once when they initially enroll in the Geisinger system. Their facial scan is then stored in their electronic medical record so they can conveniently and securely verify their identity every subsequent time they visit a Geisinger location. This one-time biometric enables easy and frictionless check-in for all future check- ins.Moving forward, CERTIFY is set to continue expanding their PPID capabilities across other Geisinger locations.The purpose of biometric PPID is to verify identity throughout the patient journey, starting with check-in. Patient misidentification and fraud have become increasingly rampant issues, leading to liabilities for healthcare providers. One of the most secure mechanisms to prevent this is incorporating biometric authentication into healthcare registration and procedures.CERTIFY Health's Care platform integrates with leading biometric technologies to verify patient identity through a variety of modalities, including finger, face, palm, and retina. These capabilities are powered by their partner AuthX and can be leveraged across all industries and use cases.