Tech firm Sensory has developed an in-app Virtual Banking Teller that uses face and voice biometrics.Sensory says the solution uses advanced embedded artificial intelligence (AI) technologies working together to provide bank and financial institution customers a lifelike bank teller experience directly on their smartphones and tablets.The demo application will be released for banks to test and incorporate into their apps in Q4 2017.Greg Palmer, VP of Finovate, said: “Our goal is to help our audience of key decision makers from banks and financial institutions learn about new technologies that are empowering the future of banking. With the growing interest in AI, chatbots and biometric authentication in the banking industry, Sensory's virtual bank teller offers much appeal to progressive banks looking for new and innovative ways to improve the safety and customer experience of mobile banking.”Sensory's speech-based natural language user interface is powered by TrulyNatural, Sensory's embedded large vocabulary speech recognizer with hands-free wakeup from TrulyHandsfree technology. This allows users to interact with the app by voice, saying the kinds of things they'd say to a human bank teller. A talking avatar with accurate lip synchronization and high-quality text-to-speech synthesis is added so that the app can speak its responses back to the user in a natural sounding and looking manner.The virtual teller experience is made very secure by integrating TrulySecure, a FIDO-certified fusion of face and voice biometric authentication technologies. Requiring no additional hardware or specialized biometric scanners.