Senior staff from Synaptics have revealed that the firm envisions there will be more immediate demand for fingerprint security in cars from Asian rather than European carmakers.Dr Huibert Verhoeven, v-p of the automotive business at Synaptics, told Electronics Weekly that his company is seeing interest from Asian car makers for haptic touch on the steering wheel and biometric fingerprint sensors.He noted that for European car makers, that adopting touch and bringing in new suppliers “is a big deal”. In Europe the automotive design cycle is two years and then there is a four year product life, while in China they move faster and want a product in a year.Verhoeven specifically referred to a touch controller the firm is developing which has fingerprint sensors for unlocking aimed at car door handles, steering wheels and starter buttons. He said the controllers support up to 10 fingers, passive stylus, face detect, low power wake gestures, gloved touch as well as working in the presence of moisture.Verhoeven said its first design wins should be in production in the first half of 2016 in China and Taiwan.In November, the company unveiled plans to offer its Natural ID fingerprint sensors to car manufacturers, saying that these can be used in door handles, steering wheels and starter buttons. The biometric authentication of users will allow unlocking of the vehicle, cockpit and mirror adjustments, ignition, entertainment preferences, as well as theft prevention, said Synaptics.