Mobile financial services (MFS) technology firm Mobetize has revealed plans to use so-called social biometrics authenticating applicants for “smartloans”.Mobetize says the social biometrics will boost Know Your Customer (“KYC”) capabilities to counter online identity fraud.The company says its solution will analyze social behavioural patterns using an artificial intelligence system together with proprietary machine learning algorithms to determine whether an online identity is authentic, a fraudster or a bot.”Mobetize believes that Digital Identity Verification is integral to the future of FAAS and will be the primary source of identity verification. To this end, Mobetize has implemented a secure and encrypted technology with customized reporting and an analytics management dashboard that assesses and analyzes consumer KYC data. The Mobetize solution will create a fraud proof footprint based on an individual's social behaviour that generates a hard to replicate biometric signature,” Ajay Hans, CEO of Mobetize.