Digital identity verification predictive analytics tech firm Socure has announced the next generation version of its “beyond-human” ID+ Sapphire predictive analytics platform.The firm wrote in a statement that version 3.0 of the platform (codenamed Sapphire), features a modular design and includes a single API to handle digital to physical identity verification.Socure has partnered with AU10TIX, a subsidiary of ICTS International, and a pioneer in global ID authentication solutions, to aid in document processing. Socure's ID+ solution on its Sapphire platform, includes a series of modular offerings via a single API to validate consumer's PII (email, phone, address, date of birth, SSN, Passport, Driver License), correlate the identity across 300+ certified offline, online and social data sources as well as provide predictions on the authenticity (whether the identity is real or not) and fraud risk of the individual.The news comes on the heels of Socure's $14M Series B funding announcement.”Our technologies and capabilities are significantly ahead of other industry offerings and will continue to be as we focus on improving our current solutions while developing new capabilities in this space. We are creating the world's first dedicated identity verification robot to go beyond human powered rule-based and generalized machine learning identity verification techniques,” said Sunil Madhu, Socure CEO.”Both Socure and AU10TIX are on the cutting edge of technology in the identity authentication and verification space. We're looking forward to continuing to work together and address market opportunities,” said Ron Atzmon, Managing Director of AU10TIX.Socure's ID+ Sapphire (version 3.0) will be generally available on October 1st2017.