Mobility and digital applications firm Kony has announced a partnership with authentication and biometrics firm Daon.In a statement, Kony said that by collaborating with Daon, Kony will help banks and financial institutions deliver highly-secure omni-channel apps through advanced biometrics authentication capabilities, including device cryptography and biometric authentication leveraging Daon's IdentityX® platform.”Eliminating the complexity of creating secure, omni-channel apps is a key focus at Kony,” said Bill Bodin, chief technology officer, Kony, Inc. “Daon brings vast experience in the biometrics authentication field, and we're excited to be working with their team to bring these digital capabilities to Kony's best-in-class digital application platform. We believe that by packaging and exposing these complex authentication algorithms as easy-to-use visual widgets available through the Kony Marketplace, we'll in turn accelerate the use and adoption of these advanced features for anyone using our upcoming Kony AppPlatform V8 release to create digitally transforming applications.””This is a significant partnership for Daon and for the Fintech industry,” said Conor White, president of Americas for Daon. “Together with Kony, we are providing developers across a multitude of business sectors with the flexibility to easily incorporate multi-factor authentication into their applications. Biometric authentication gives companies a secure and convenient way for their customers to authenticate using their own identities – i.e. by using their own fingerprint, voice or face, rather than remembering a number of different passwords. Consumers are looking to both simplify and secure their lives and our authentication platform solves this demand.”