Santa Clara-based optical fingerprint device firm SecuGen has announced that the company will be demonstrating a Bluetooth enabled OEM fingerprint sensor at an upcoming trade show.In a statement, SecuGen said that the UN20 Bluetooth is FAP 20 certified, and that it uses a Bluetooth interface that allows the developer to capture fingerprint images, extract templates, and to enroll, search and match fingerprint templates all within the UN20 device.”Bluetooth connectivity opens the opportunity to use SecuGen world class technology with a variety of Bluetooth enabled products and platforms,” stated Dan Riley, SecuGen VP of Engineering. “We are very excited to have developed a high quality Bluetooth OEM fingerprint solution that has been repeated asked for by our OEM partners. We are proud to surpass their expectations by offering a fully featured product with an embedded Linux environment at an exceedingly low cost.””We listen closely to the needs of our OEM partners,” added Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen. “We are pleased to introduce the highly demanded UN20 Bluetooth, the second of our new Unity Biometric Development Platform product line. The Unity BDP represents years of effort, technological innovation and commitment to delivering the world's best optical fingerprint readers and sensors.”The firm also noted that the UN20 Bluetooth hardware is FBI certified for use in the FIPS 201 PIV program under the FAP 20 category. Additionally, the template extraction and matching algorithms running on the device are NIST MINEX certified.SecuGen will be demonstrating the UN20 Bluetooth sensor at the RSA Conference 2017 San Francisco from Monday February 13th through Thursday February 16th.