British biometric company Sthaler has launched its Fingopay technology at a bar in London.In a statement, Sthaler said the finger vein technology for payment was the first of its kind across the United Kingdom,Nick Dryden, Chief Executive of Sthaler commented:”The introduction of Fingopay at Proud is an important milestone for both Sthaler, and the sector as a whole. There is no more accurate or efficient biometric available today, meaning that the use of finger vein technology for payments and loyalty, will be both quicker and more secure. By removing the need for cash, smartphone or card, this technology will transform the customer experience at Proud Camden. It's quicker, easier and more rewarding too as every customer automatically gets 10% cashback to spend on their next visit.” Alex Proud, founder of the bar where it was launched, Proud in London, commented: “Proud is thrilled to be working with Sthaler to introduce this pioneering technology to our venue. We rely heavily on speed of service, dependable technology and securing our systems. As such we need to avoid time-consuming payment problems”.Sthaler's FingoPay works via an electronic reader which builds a 3D map of the customer's finger veins, generating a “natural personal key” – thus removing the need for the individual to enter any personal details upon registration to make a payment.