Redrock Biometrics, a leading provider of palm-based biometrics for authentication and identification, announced it will wave its PalmID license fee to businesses that are labeled as essential during this pandemic for one year or longer in order to help prevent spread the COVID-19. “We would like to play our part in helping our community in this fight,” says Redrock biometrics co-founder Lenny Kontsevich.Using a standard RGB camera and/or infrared camera, PalmID captures palm prints and/or subdermal veins to produce a highly unique palm signature. Proprietary PalmID algorithms match palm signatures for a wide range of palm positions, orientations, and illumination conditions. The SaaS component of PalmIDĀ® is capable to perform matching of a newly captured palm signature with tens of thousands of signatures stored in its database in a fraction of a second.”COVID-19 quarantine made us acutely aware that touching devices represents a threat to our lives. People become touch-phobic and their faces are covered by masks, which creates a need for a touchless palm solution. With PalmID, simply hold your hand in front of a reader,” says Kontsevich.