Vision-Box believes that lives can be saved by using seamless, contactless digital identity technology equipped with advanced biometrics. The firm notes in a new White Paper that its touchless clearance functionality, used in travel hubs and at border crossings, is designed to prevent the transmission and spread of pathogens by limiting, and in many cases, eliminating the need for travelers to physical interact with potentially infected machines, security or airline personnel. “This is an angle on biometric identification technology and its application in global travel services that has not received the attention it deserves.”Other benefits the technology offers include:Eliminates the need for travelers to exchange travel documents. Minimizes risk of transmission beyond the travel hub or border area.Speeds clearance and exit thereby increasing personal space between travelers.Reduces crowd levels and waiting lines to further decrease the number of people inside travel premises.Minimizes transmission risk at travel hub hotspots, specifically check-in, security checkpoint, border control and boarding.Offers travel areas hygienic solutions that are easier to disinfect because of its smooth surface design.