iTrue has announced its development of a platform that changes how businesses build decentralized applications (DApps). Using the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) model, iTrue comes with a built-in authentication system with biometrics as its core microservice. Businesses and developers will be able to use the platform to authenticate their users, build their own blockchain network, and earn rewards from a fair exchange of data. Meanwhile, users can use the platform to conveniently and securely get authenticated, control how their data is used, and earn tokens by sharing their personal data in a controlled manner.”There is a growing demand for safe, efficient, and secure authentication systems, driven by the rise of startup companies providing innovative digital services such as online financial products,” says Jack Cheng, iTrue Chief Executive Officer. “However, users are concerned about how businesses use and profit from their data.”With over a decade of experience in executing solutions built to stringent security standards, iTrue's core development team has come up with a solution that addresses these gaps by combining blockchain, biometric, and database technologies. The solution thus enables businesses to improve user authentication and at the same time build their own applications on the iTrue platform and its ecosystem. Reducing transactional friction through biometric authentication helps improve the user experience and enhance platform security at the same time.”We have found a way to overcome the limitations of current blockchain tech through a combination of blockchain and database approach,” says Anton Gorozhankin, iTrue Chief Technology Officer. “This results in a robust and scalable infrastructure wherein user's records are secure and safe from data theft or misappropriation.”