A self-service solution for families travelling together, developed by Safran Identity & Security, is being tested by New Zealand Customs on departures at Christchurch Airport. This solution extends the automated border control capability of the familiar eGates to families, groups and assisted travellers.Previously, families with children aged under 12 and assisted travellers were unable to use automated eGates and were required to go to a manual booth for customs and immigration checks.According to Safran Identity & Security, the Family Processing solution is a self-service kiosk which integrates with existing border management systems and enables families and assisted travellers to complete their border crossing at their own pace.The kiosk verifies passenger identity using facial recognition, and cameras are calibrated to capture passengers from 1m to 2.1 m in height, with no moving parts. The Family Kiosk processes family groups with mandatory questions rapidly responded to via a touchscreen interface and parents are able to respond on behalf of children. "It's wonderful that we have an opportunity to test this new system right here in New Zealand," says New Zealand Customs Minister Nicky Wagner. "Customs is committed to providing a positive passenger experience, and this proof of concept will assess the feasibility of introducing automated processing for family groups."Tim Ferris, managing director for Morpho Australasia, a subsidiary of Safran Identity & Security, says: "Family processing forms part of our next generation border control solution. As a parent myself, I am glad that we have found a way for families to self-process that had the convenience of eGates without separating children from their parents. We are delighted that the New Zealand Customs Service is committed to continuous improvement and has been able to help us test this world-first innovation."