Verimi, the leading identity provider in Germany, and Ubisecure, a customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions expert with offices across Europe, announced a strategic partnership.With Verimi, digital identities can be added easily to authentication methods offered through Ubisecure's Customer IAM (CIAM) and IDaas (Identity as a Service) solutions. Ubisecure and Verimi combine their identity management capabilities to provide a joint solution that provides customer companies with seamless identity management for their external users (such as customers, partners, citizens), with "Privacy by Design" at the core.Verimi's digital identity solution offers consumers a valid, flexible and convenient way to engage with companies and institutions. With Verimi, the user has sole data sovereignty and decides which data is passed on to the respective application partner. All user data is verified, so application partners can be sure of who they're dealing with, while users benefit from its ease of signing up/logging into multiple services.Ubisecure CIAM enables fast integration of Identity & Access Management capabilities such as single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), a wide range of trusted identity providers (IdPs), and complex delegation of authority. It facilitates workflows to increase security, improve customer experience and comply with regulations. The CIAM solution can be deployed as IDaaS, Cloud, or on-premise software, depending on client needs and preferences.Service providers in Germany are ramping up digitalisation efforts, particularly in light of the current global situation limiting face-to-face contact. This joint solution provides a way for Ubisecure and Verimi's client organisations across all verticals to digitalise their solutions with seamless identity management, from registration to subsequent logins and across the entire identity lifecycle. For example, a bank could deploy the solution to allow its customers to seamlessly log into all of its digital services with their Verimi-ID, and then securely and compliantly manage those identities ongoingly with Ubisecure-enabled workflows. Verimi is accepted by service providers including Allianz, Deutsche Bank, Postbank, Deutsche Telekom and many others.Roland Adrian, Managing Director at Verimi, said, "we're very excited to partner with Ubisecure as a leading provider of CIAM in Europe. Ubisecure has access to the relevant market and with many years of experience deeply understands the needs of consumers and companies."Volker Zinser, Head of DACH at Ubisecure said, "it's fantastic to be able to offer Verimi's platform as an authentication solution to our customers in Germany and beyond. They are a leader in their space and have an excellent reputation for compliant, secure and user-centric solutions – also qualities that Ubisecure prides itself on enabling. Our use of the OpenID Connect standard has enabled integration of our technologies, showing that investment in open standards and interoperability really pays off."