Biometric security firm SensibleVision has said that a facial authentication solution it has developed is 'spoof-proof'.Pointing to news reports that facial recognition solution deployed by Samsung in its Galaxy S8 was easily spoofed, SensibleVision said it is leading the charge to deliver secure and simple authentication on any device.”The recent hack of the Samsung Galaxy S8's facial scanner with a photograph is absolutely unacceptable – and it is also totally preventable,” says George Brostoff, Co-founder and CEO of SensibleVision. “Secure and simple authentication on all devices is a priority for today's users who do everything from banking to sharing confidential medical information on their phones, tablets and computers. Our advanced approach leapfrogs current Liveness Detection technology with a patented simultaneous, multifactor authentication process that addresses a fundamental flaw in facial recognition: fooling software with a simple photograph.”SensibleVision says its solution to spoofing is simultaneous interaction.This approach recognizes the user's face (something you are) while at the same time another identifier is captured that can range from a gesture, a fingerprint, choosing a secret shape on the screen, speaking a passphrase or even your GPS location (something you know, or another highly personal factor).”This not only speeds access but improves security while also delivering the benefits of multifactor authentication without the time-consuming complexity.”