Middlesex-based biometrics and identification tech firm Allevate has announced that it is bringing a cloud-based facial recognition server system designed for government and law enforcement agencies to Europe.Allevate says that by using Tygart's MXMOBILE FaceID System for smart mobile devices, European government and law enforcement agencies can access an MXSERVER system to identify suspects of interest on the move.”MXMOBILE represents a huge technological leap forward for agents in the field, providing them with the capability to identify individuals using facial recognition in virtually real-time,” says John F Waugaman, president of Tygart Technology.Agents can now transmit photos or videos captured on their smartphone through the MXMOBILE application, to be processed by MXSERVER using automated face detection and recognition technologies.The faces in the photos or videos are then matched by MXSERVER against watch lists to offer a short, rank-ordered list of options that best match these faces, along with any other relevant information such as biographical information, known aliases and previous comments regarding the individual.In addition to field use for the identification of persons of interest (POI), law enforcement agencies can make MXMOBILE available as a citizen policing tool, providing citizens the ability to upload videos and photographs of suspicious behaviour.”Allevate has been working to make the power of MXSERVER, already utilised by defense and law enforcement agencies in the USA, available to European agencies”, says Carl Gohringer, founder of Allevate Limited. “We are pleased to be able to offer MXMOBILE to put this capability directly into the hands of law enforcement officers on the move.”