Eye vein software firm Eyeverify has launched an upgraded version of its “Eyeprint ID” SDK this week, saying that it now offers support for new devices via an over-the-air update as these become available.The update to the software means partners on V2.6 or later will no longer need to update their SDK to integrate new devices.Eyeverify has already enjoyed high-profile deployments this year on smartphones, with China's ZTE, Alcatel Onetouch and Vivo all delivering devices with in-built Eyeprint ID.In July, the Utah-based Mountain America Credit Union confirmed that the EyeVerify system has been deployed on its app alongside a fingerprint login tool developed by Berkeley, Calif.-based Access Softek.The company also signed distribution deals this year including one with Olcsan that makes the latter firm the exclusive re-seller and distributor for EyeVerify's Eyeprint ID in Turkey.EyeVerify works by using an individual's unique eyeprint. The eyeprint is the map of blood vessels in the whites of the eyes, which is unique to each person. Each person has two eyeprints in each eye. The initial enrollment process takes less than a minute, and will capture the eyeprint on a smartphone or tablet camera. After that, logging in using Eyeprint ID simply involves looking into the front-facing camera.