Human interface firm Synaptics has revealed that it will work on biometric fingerprint authentication and TouchPad technologies on Windows 10.Under the partnership, Windows 10 will allow logins using Synaptics' SecurePad, which integrates biometric fingerprint ID technology directly into the TouchPad.”As we've developed Windows Hello, we've been pleased with the outstanding collaboration provided by the Synaptics team,” said Nelly Porter, Lead Principal Program Manager, Operating System Groups – Security, Microsoft. “Thanks to these efforts, Synaptics is helping our mutual customers move away from passwords to strong authentication using enterprise-grade biometric sensors.”In March, Windows revealed that multimodal biometrics will be at the heart of its new operating system, with the software giant saying that iris, fingerprint and facial authentication are more personal and offer superior security then traditional passwords.”As the leading developer of human interface solutions, we are thrilled to collaborate with Microsoft on Windows 10 to offer a true game-changer in password-free security and consumer experiences,” said Rick Bergman, president and CEO, Synaptics. “Collaborating with Microsoft on this project is a testament to our commitment to improve human interfaces and our likeminded goals.”