Lightspeed Technology, a biometric security innovation division of Personavera has reduced the physical footprint of its powerful facial / iris biometric camera to one third of its previous size. The firm say it is now comparable to the size of a smart watch face, and many times smaller than traditional fusion cameras. At its extraordinary small size, the Lightspeed camera significantly improves OEM product integration, making it easier and cheaper to fit onto existing products, monitor clip-ons, tablets and touchpads. The fully functioning camera fits into less than a two-inch cube. Its new dimensions measure 1.9″ X 1.9″ X 1.8″ D (4.8 cm X 4.8 cm X 4.6 cm D). “This is a true case of market demand,” said Michael Braithwaite, founder and president of Lightspeed. “Biometric real estate is at an all-time premium. Achieving this level of industry-leading accuracy and security in such a tiny footprint finally removes the two biggest challenges of biometrics all at once: size and cost,” said Braithwaite.The company added that with a single illuminator and military-grade optics, the Lightspeed camera captures a single high-quality face and dual iris image within 3-5 seconds of cooperative video at a naturally easy distance of 14-20 inches. Typical FAR fusion scores of 10E-20 to 10E-60 vastly exceeds the national FAR threshold of 10E-17 for errorless ID while producing low FRR of <0.5%. Lightspeed's miniature camera can be clipped to a monitor or embedded into device via USB to simplify biometric security