After successfully establishing its ultra-mobile 10-finger scanner,  today JENETRIC introduces the second generation of the LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Compact.  With enhanced functionality and available user guidance, the LIVETOUCH QUATTRO  Compact ups the FAP 60 scanner to become the first choice for fingerprint enrollment and  verification in mobile applications. 

Despite the small size of the device, it has been possible to integrate intuitive user guidance  into the device. The colored pictograms make it clear to the user at which point in time,  which fingers are to be placed and when the capture is finished. This reduces the need for  officer assistance, eliminates capture errors and speeds up the overall fingerprinting process. 

“We have taken the feedback from our customers seriously. They particularly appreciate the  integrated user guidance of our stationary scanner. So, it was only logical to also equip our  mobile fingerprint scanner with user guidance and thus simplify the handling of the devices,”  says Roberto Wolfer, CEO of JENETRIC GmbH. 

A new milestone is the ability to scan fingerprints and documents on just one capture  surface. The LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Compact Up thus combines two modalities in one device:  the capture of fingerprints in FAP 60 format and the scanning of documents in ID 1 format ,  such as ID cards, driver’s licenses or barcodes. For this purpose, the document is placed on  the scanning surface of the device. Focusing is not necessary, and reflections and disruptions  from ambient light are avoided, so an additional device for document scans can be omitted. 

“With the LIVETOUCH QUATRO Compact Up, we are exploiting the full potential of optical  TFT technology for the first time: Best fingerprint quality combined with document capture – all in the smallest size and with minimal weight. No other capture technology offers these  capabilities.” 

In addition, ambient light resistance has been significantly improved. Thanks to the patented  sensor design, very good fingerprint images are produced even in bright ambient lighting  conditions.