NEC National Security Systems (NEC NSS) will showcase several of its latest biometric technologies, including its breakthrough digital identity management platform and iris recognition capabilities, at the industry leading connect:ID 2021 conference in Washington, D.C. on October 5-6, 2021.  

As part of the trade show, several of NEC’s NSS experts will be presenting keynote addresses and participating in panels  to discuss key issues in digital identity management, AI and biometric solutions. These company leaders include Dr.  Kathleen Kiernan, the newly appointed President of NEC NSS, a FOCI-mitigated federal business unit; NEC Corporation  of America’s Senior Vice President and Chief Experience Officer and NEC NSS Board Member, Raffie Beroukhim; along  with NEC Corporation of America’s Chief Technology Officer Kris Ranganath. The speakers will join an impressive list of  government executives, travel industry members, industry analysts and other key stakeholders in the biometric  marketplace. 

“As the new President of NSS, I am delighted to deliver a keynote address at the connect:ID show which brings the best  people and technologies together with a singular focus on protecting our nation’s future security,” said Dr. Kiernan. “We  will have the opportunity to demonstrate and discuss the latest innovations in AI and face recognition technology  available to government from physical security to facilities management. We protect those who protect us.” 

NEC NSS will showcase various solutions running on its cloud native digital identity platform, along with its new iris-face  combo kiosk that can seamlessly match either a user’s iris or face–or both modalities simultaneously–against an existing  document. The hybrid system is first-of-its-kind and is considered a breakthrough technology that will add an extra layer  of security over the top of existing identity verification platforms.  

“We believe that multimodal solutions, coupled with the most advanced AI technologies offered on a robust,  configurable, cloud native platform provides an array of benefits to government agencies, not the least of which is  improved accuracy and confidence in making positive matches and eliminating false positives,” said Mr. Beroukhim.  “Because NEC has the #1 ranked face and iris algorithms in the world, according to NIST, our solutions are ideal for  agencies that require the best available and most accurate technology today.” 

In addition to its digital platform and iris-face solution, NEC NSS will also showcase: 

  • In-Vehicle Driver Identification, which detects and verifies the identity of drivers through the windshield, at  security gates and vehicle checkpoints quickly and efficiently, without the need for physical documents or close  contact with security agents. 
  • Global Entry Kiosk, a contactless self-service kiosk that provides an expedited and hygienic clearance process for  pre-approved travelers at airports and other points-of-entry. 
  • Digital Security Visitor Management, a multimodal touchless and frictionless solution for visitor management. 
  • SmartScanTM, a multimodal capture system, that provides superior flexibility, reliability and speed for applicant  and background processing.
  • Integra-ID IBW Workstation, which features an intuitive Microsoft Windows 10 platform to help identify leads  in forensic investigations and easily integrates with existing law enforcement agencies. 

As a Platinum-level sponsor, NEC NSS’ booth #501 will occupy one of the biggest places on the trade show floor and  eight different speakers will present and participate in featured discussions, interviews and conversations. This includes: 

  • “Putting a Face on the Digital ID Generation,” the conference’s opening keynote address which is to be  delivered by Dr. Kathleen Kiernan, the newly appointed President of NEC’s National Security Solutions. 
  • “Decentralized Identity,” a summit speech about the benefits of decentralized identity management solutions. The presentation by NEC Corporation of America’s leading Chief Technology Officer, Kris Ranganath.  
  • “The Future of Digital Travel” will be an interview with Vice President of Customer Experience, Allen Ganz, who  has helped implement biometric solutions in the aviation environment. Including the first curb-to-gate system  for a commercial airline in the U.S., which was unveiled at Atlanta’s Terminal F in 2019.  
  • As a Board Member of the International Biometric Identity Association (IBIA), NEC’s Chief Experience Officer and  NSS Board Member Raffie Beroukhim will participate in a panel discussion on key topics in advanced recognition  for government agencies. 
  • NEC NSS’ Frank Sangiorgi, Chris Gillyard and Trisha Orndoff, will host three different roundtable conversations  about “Invisible & Secure Borders of the Future,” “Life after CAC,” and the “Evolution of Contactless  Environments.” ARS director Austin Park will participate in a panel on “Digital ID Ecosystems.” 

The connect:ID 2021 show is one of the key biometric conferences that takes place each year attracting some of the  biggest industry players from the federal government and industry. This show is an opportunity for key stakeholders in  identity management solutions to discuss important issues in the deployment of new technology solutions across enterprise-level systems. This includes visioning sessions for new modes of deployment, as well as standards needed for  the safe, ethical and responsible use of biometric technology.