IDEX Biometrics, a leading provider of advanced fingerprint identification and authentication solutions, announced the second product in its TrustedBio (TM) line of highly-differentiated fingerprint authentication solutions, TrustedBio Max.

TrustedBio Max provides the highest level of single-device functionality available for card-based fingerprint authentication. Unlike sensor-only products, the TrustedBio family of products integrates into the sensor package a proprietary ASIC delivering biometric functions and encryption, thereby eliminating the need for a separate biometric microcontroller.

The TrustedBio ASIC also integrates RF-power harvesting, and voltage management circuitry, enabling battery-free operation while maintaining high operating clock speeds.

The groundbreaking functionality of TrustedBio Max further reduces computational burdens on the card’s secure element (SE), thereby allowing card designers to utilize standard, low-cost SEs, accelerate card design by minimizing software development, and reduce manufacturing complexities.

The Max solution is targeted at manufacturers of financial payment cards seeking faster time-to-market with a comprehensive card design that maximizes performance, while meaningfully reducing development and manufacturing costs even further.

TrustedBio Max enables a differentiated user experience with biometric processing completing in 250 milliseconds, and power efficiency that exceeds EMV specifications. Optimized image capture and processing is achieved using an Arm Cortex-M3(TM) 32-bit processor, operating up to 200 MHz, and a proprietary dedicated hardware to speed-up biometric authentication and anti-spoofing algorithms.

Vince Graziani, Chief Executive Officer of IDEX Biometrics, stated, “This new addition delivers unsurpassed performance, while pushing the boundaries of lower card development and manufacturing costs. TrustedBio Max is intended to be highly complementary to today’s most popular, low-cost SEs, allowing for rapid card design by the broadest range of smart card manufacturers.

The TrustedBio product family allows us to offer a range of solutions that align with the system architecture strategies of all our customers, from global integrators who may have proprietary, high performance SEs, to regional card manufacturers seeking to participate in the promising market for biometrically-enabled smart cards. Our ability to offer a range of solutions is uniquely enabled by our engineering expertise in hardware, software, algorithms, and system design.”