MobileIron has announced the results of a research report that found enabling mobile device authentication with biometric-based access is the best approach to eliminate passwords. This approach creates a “best of both worlds” scenario that ensures easy deployment, high security, and improved user productivity.MobileIron sponsored the EMA report, “Passwordless Authentication: Bridging the Gap Between High-Security and Low-Friction Identity Management,” to identify the requirements, challenges, value, and optimal approaches to introducing passwordless authentication solutions.EMA surveyed 150 IT and security managers and looked at a wave of technologies-including device authentication, software and hardware tokens, authentication keys, biometrics, behavioral analysis, certificates, and other approaches-that have emerged to provide alternatives to traditional password-based login processes.The report revealed that companies are poised to enter a world powered by zero password access to business services. Below are a few key findings:More than 90% of respondents indicated their organization experienced a significant password policy violation in the last year.Mobile device authentication solutions were determined to be the easiest of all identity management technologies to deploy, while one-time passwords were indicated to be the most challenging.Half of respondents believe passwordless approaches to authentication were more secure than passwords.Enabling mobile device authentication with biometric-based access creates a “best of both worlds” scenario that ensures easy deployment, high security, and improved user productivity.”This research serves as a further proof point that mobile devices are the future of secure access to the enterprise,” said Rhonda Shantz, Chief Marketing Officer at MobileIron. “Enabling mobile device authentication with biometric-based access solves the urgent problems associated with overreliance on traditional password authentication practices and showcases the importance of mobile security as part of a digital transformation.”MobileIron recently introduced the industry's first mobile-centric, zero trust security platform. It includes a revolutionary zero sign-on experience built on the company's leading unified endpoint management (UEM) platform and powered by the MobileIron Access solution.EMA's research results indicate there is a particular opportunity for platforms that utilize low-friction access technologies such as biometrics, as they enable organizations to leverage existing resources without incurring substantial deployment efforts or related costs. “By marrying mobile device authentication with low-friction authentication solutions, organizations achieve eminent support for security, user performance, and deployment all in one unified platform,” said Steve Brasen, research director of endpoint and identity management at EMA.