DGM Consortium hsa said it fully respects the Thai Government's tender process & evaluation benchmarks for the Thai ePassport project."We will not provide comment on the comparisons regarding security features on the existing Thai passport."However, we can say that the DGM Consortium which includes Gemalto (A Thales company) is a supplier of high-technology and high-security electronic passports to numerous countries around the world. Gemalto has +100 years of experience in security printing, 30 years of experience in secure embedded software development, certification and personalization, issuance solutions and services, and over 20 years of experience in polycarbonate datapage production. The Group currently contributes to over 30 electronic passport programmes around the world, including Finland, Singapore and the United States."Our electronic passports are fully compliant with the stringent recommendations provided by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) for such electronic documents, and in many cases, we exceed ICAO requirements, bringing a superior level of security to countries' travel and identity documents."We would like to assure the Thai public that if DGM Consortium is confirmed by the Thai Government for the e-Passport project, we will deliver a highly-secured electronic passport for the Thai citizens, that will surpass all current security recommendations by ICAO".