Amanda Ianna, Director, National Digital Identity at GovTech Singapore is speaking at Identity Week Asia 2022, taking place on 6-7 September. 

The recent GovInsider event, Personalised Citizen Services for Life, brought together representatives from GovTech Singapore, The Heath Promotion Board – Ministry of Heath and Agency for Integrated Care to discuss how to optimise digital healthcare services for citizens and make seamless data flows and user experiences are top priority.

Many factors for maintaining secure patient data, while ensuring total data transparency at the end-user point came into play. The discussion of integrating patient data between multiple sources and end-use points was counterbalanced with the panellists also arguing that situation-specific practices would need to be implemented to maintain data discretion for the user.

Yeo Khan Tze, Deputy Director of Innovation at Singapore’s Health Promotion Board commented that integration meant that data collected and shared between services needed to be “accurate and meaningful”.

One suggestion to improve the user experience of healthcare service indicated that targeted and personalised could help encourage people to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

As ever, enhanced customised services rely on data innovation which needs to be made secure, especially demographics of society that are most vulnerable, elderly or have a low-income.

“Because we often deal with the vulnerable segment of the population, many of whom are from low-income groups, we do take a lot of care in protecting their data,” Ong said.