Aratek is gearing up to show its new facial matching TruFace line, Aratek's entry into the facial recognition technology market.”We are excited to introduce TruFace to the European market and demonstrate how it delivers face-enforced identification and authentication. It's fast, accurate, and convenient,” said Samuel Wu, Aratek's VP for Sales, International Business Department.Wu noted that facial recognition is growing rapidly beyond smartphones and has become a viable option for a wide range of applications such as access control, secure identification, transaction verification, and even retail. “TruFace's innovative face detection system comes in the long line of revolutionary biometric technology from Aratek, and is designed to be the right solution for many current and emergent identification and authentication applications,” Wu added.Payments is also well-represented in the Aratek booth, according to Wu, noting that the company will be conducting demos of Marshall, Aratek's all-in-one device that seamlessly integrates registration, matching, printing, and other functions.The booth will also feature Aratek BD9300 biometric desktop, which is equipped with NFC, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, and Wifi connectivity for secure data transfers even from remote locations. This multi-connectivity makes the BD9300 perfect for a wide range of applications such as POS, payments, financial services, National ID, health care, and law enforcement.”TRUSTECH visitors can also expect to see Aratek's FBI and STQC certified modules such as the A600-M and A400-M in action. Allowing quick and easy integration, these modules which boast fingerprint certifications are key to the superiority of Aratek's fingerprint solutions,” Wu said.The show will be on November 26-28 in Palais des Festivals in Cannes, French Riviera. Aratek will be at Booth #RIV H 040.