Suprema, a provider of biometrics and security solutions, has appointed Baudoin Genouville as the managing director for Suprema Systems.Responsible for Suprema's Pan-European (excluding UK and Ireland) and North African operations, Genouville will be based on both Germany and France offices, where he will lead local sales and technical support team as well as playing key roles in marketing and public relations across Europe.After joining Suprema Inc. in 2013, Genouville has been involved in technical alliances with major security manufacturers, and also played a strategic role in Suprema's recent global rollout and growth in enterprise market. In recent years, Genouville has moved back from South Korea to Europe with the mission of further growing Suprema local Partners and Suprema presence in national security industries.”That is not a radical move for Suprema Inc. to localize its Sales and Support closer to our customers. We have already started for long in the UK then in Americas, Middle-East, finally Asia. It is a proven strategy that pays off. With local branches and dedicated staff across Europe, Suprema Inc. will better serve its BioStar2 line distribution Partners. Businesswise, the relation will remain identical, with direct sales to our European certified Partners only (not to end-users). However, our local set-up in Europe will see increased consulting operations and support actions for the benefit of our End-Users,” said Genouville, Managing Director of Suprema Systems GmbH.”The last 6 years at Suprema Inc. have been fascinating. We are a technology-based company, leader on its product range, quickly implementing changes with dedicated teams working together in the same direction, as a family. I hope to drive that same spirit to our Suprema forces in Europe, for the years to come,” Genouville added.Earlier this year, Suprema also appointed Jamie McMillen as Managing Director of Suprema Systems UK Ltd which covers the company's sales and marketing operations over United Kingdom and Ireland market. Along with the company's EU operation, Suprema plans to expand its UK and Pan-European footprints to improve localized sales, marketing and technical support services.