Ultrasound fingerprint sensor developer Sonavation has purchased the assets of Arkami, an IT security firm best known for developing a thumb drive-sized password management device.Sonavation says the purchase will enable the firm to strengthen its biometric security products.”As consumers and businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable across the digital landscape, we want our customers to feel at ease knowing their critical digital information is protected, while still readily available at their fingertips, ” said Bob Stewart, COO of Sonavation.”This acquisition allows us to further bolster our biometric security technology and provide a second-factor authentication solution that is unique to each end-user. In effect, all users will become their passwords.”Arkami's myIDkey solution is different from other password management solutions in that it uses hardware, rather than cloud-based secure storage. When users visit a site that requires authentication, they simply access credentials saved on myIDkeyeither by physically scrolling through a list or launching a browser extension.Sonavation unveiled an acoustic-based fingerprint sensor last September which uses 3D surface imaging technology to deliver “virtually unspoofable” authentication. The firm notes that its surface scan and sub-surface technology is protected by 38 awarded patents plus over 70 provisional patents, and that it is “the world's smallest low-power ultrasound sensor”.