The Afghan government plans to use a sophisticated biometric voter-identification system that includes fingerprint, eye, and facial recognition for the September 28 presidential election.The Afghan NGO Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA), which monitors the election process, has supported the use of the biometric voter-verification system, saying it designed to prevent people from voting multiple times or voting in the place of others, reports RFERL.A parliamentary vote last October was the first to use biometric voter verification machines, the first time ever in an Afghan election.Last month, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) has reversed its decision on use biometric system in the upcoming presidential elections amid harsh criticism by some candidates and critics.Previously the IEC said it will not change the electoral system ahead of the election and that it will not use biometric technology for the current voter registration.The US embassy in Kabul in a statement welcomed the move and said it is an important achievement for the new IEC and the ECC, and of Afghanistan's democratic process.The US embassy has also raised hopes that the IEC and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission will take all necessary measures to make sure the preparations for the presidential elections.