Biometric technology company Aratek announced the recent launch of its Spanish website, which is expected to expand its reach to millions of Spanish-speaking customers worldwide.According to Samuel Wu, Vice President for Sales – International Business Department, the Spanish website is a mirror of Aratek's English version but with the dropdown-menus, product information and contact details in Spanish. The site may be accessed at (LINK)”We wanted to increase the usability of our website for millions of Spanish-speaking customers,” Wu said, adding that the move recognizes the importance of Hispanic market and would help Aratek in the efforts to expand its presence in Spain, South America, North America and other places where Spanish is widely-spoken.”This website offers the Hispanic community a helpful resource for anything they wish to know about Aratek's biometric technology and how it can solve their unique requirements for secure authentication,” Wu noted.Spanish is currently the fourth most widely spoken language with more than 460 million speakers around the world.