Denmark has called for IT firms to bid towards the development of a COVID-19 vaccination app.The design due within two months, must include the vaccination and antibody status of holders, as well as PCR and test results. According to the National Agency for Digitization, "the aim is for the coronavirus passport to contribute to a gradual, safe and efficient reopening of Denmark".The Agency explained that "the specific applications will depend, among other things, on the evaluation of health professionals. The solution will be developed in partnership with businesses and cultural organizations to ensure that it meets their individual demands ".Earlier in the process, four companies have met with the Danish Digitization Agency to present their bid for a corona pass. These are Netcompany, IBM, Trifork and Visma.Initially, the corona passport is intended to be presented if you are traveling to a country where there is a requirement for a negative test or vaccination. Therefore, the app must also be able to match the requirements that are in the EU.