A strategic alliance has been formed between ZKTeco USA and TURNSTILES.us, Inc. to bring the best-in-class turnstiles integrated with state-of-the-art biometric readers with touchless technologies like facial recognition and palm vein recognition. Due to increased demand for frictionless entry into buildings, integrated turnstile solutions with touchless technologies are the need of the hour.ZKTeco's Speed Face series of standalone readers are the best in the industry for fast and accurate facial recognition, palm vein recognition, along with Weigand and OSDP output can be integrated with any access control systems. These readers can also be used in standalone mode connected to Turnstile.us's complete portfolio of various kinds of turnstiles. ZKBioSecurity- All in One management platform provides a complete user and device management capabilities as well.TURNSTILES.us, Inc. is a trusted provider of premium Turnstile Security Systems. They hold a United States General Services Administration Contract and represent HUBZone Certified Small Business Outlaw Industries. Specializing in the design and installation of turnstile systems and customized entrance structures, TURNSTILES.us has been an industry visionary for more than 30 years.Scott Bohm from ZKTeco USA says, “Patrick – CEO, Turnstiles.us is the leader in turnstile applications; together with ZKTeco technologies, we will change the way companies and users will experience touchless and frictionless entry into buildings.”Patrick McAllister, CEO, Turnstiles.us, Inc noted, “I am excited about this new opportunity. The complementary nature of our product lines creates a powerful combination that will nicely benefit our customers into the future.”These innovative readers with biometric, Bluetooth and QR code technologies introduced by ZKTeco USA, combined with the experience, design, and fabrication abilities of TURNSTILES.us create a combination that will redefine the entrance control market for generations.