X Infotech, a global provider and integrator of software solutions for electronic identity (eID) documents and digital payments, combined its best products and developments to bring Digital ID Platform to governments and national institutions. This platform allows to build customized digital ecosystems for e-governance (a state in the app), remote banking, virtual ID and e-signing.Digital ID is the solution which derives credentials from physical ID document (passport, card) in a mobile device. It serves as an extension to physical documents, a Virtual ID linked to a mobile device.Digital ID Platform is based on several products that X Infotech customers have already acknowledged and were successfully using both standalone or built-in in their specifically tailored solution. To name a few, these are xID (Mobile IDs as extension to physical ID), xREG (Mobile registration with IDs and Face), xIN (Multifactor PKI-based authentication) and xSIGN (mobile e-signature). "Our company's mission is to deliver digital ID and payment solutions, which are simple, user-friendly and secure"- said X Infotech's Business Development Manager Yevgen Ovcharov. "A trusted digital identity is the facilitator of a secure and frictionless user experience in the digital economy."Implementation of Digital ID brings customers 3 valuable benefits: Growth, Security and Sustainability.Growth: Governments can use additional income from existing eIDs and Biometric database and services provision to businesses and institutions. Statistics show that these might lead to boosting national economy up to 13% of GDP. Also, digital solutions lead to administrative cost reduction.Security: Digital ID Platform allows to take over immediate control over emergency situations, provide targeted assistance to citizens, enforce crime prevention and combatting, as well as enhance overall digital security. Sustainability: implementation of digitized solutions improves national competitiveness at international markets, reduces service time and enables 24/7 real-time access to e-services and financial tools, bringing instant remote access for business and citizens. "Multiple mobile applications make citizens' life convenient and reduce routine. Public services should be accessed from mobile phones anytime from anywhere" – adds Yevgen Ovcharov. "By understanding citizens' needs, prioritizing device-agnostic, 24/7 engagement, and strategically building mobile service with citizen-service-first functionality, governments will earn citizens' trust and appreciation as a modern and responsive G2H service".For more information about Digital ID Platform, visit here