Shufti Pro, a KYC/AML service provider has launched a new product, NFC Verification, to verify chip-based identity documents such as e-ID card, e-passport, and e-driving license. Shufti Pro's NFC verification will use Near Field Communication technology to make identity verification effortless for businesses as well as end-users. This up-and-coming IDV solution will enhance the customer experience along with elevating the identity verification workflow by improving the accuracy of the process. Now with NFC verification, Shufti Pro will be able to detect fake and tampered documents more accurately and provide faster and more secure services to its customers.Shufti Pro's CTO, Shahid Hanif talks about the significance of NFC, “Due to the increase in the demand of digital IDs, the businesses are looking for a faster way for identity verification. Technology is evolving rapidly and being a global service provider it's crucial for us to adopt the new trends in mainstream technology and provide our customers with a more reliable identity verification process. This will not only enhance the accuracy of results for our customers but will help them improve their customer experience by incorporating new technologies in user verification journey.”Most countries are developing digital ID documents. It is expected that the number of digital national IDs in the world will increase up to 3.6 billion in 2021, which means an increase in demand for the verification of such IDs. Catering to the coming future trends, Shufti Pro launched a new product “NFC Verification” for fast and accurate customer verification in a few steps.Digital IDs contain a chip to secure personally identifiable information of the end-user including a high-resolution image of the individual. By applying NFC technology, Shufti Pro's robust identity verification solution will now be able to swiftly scan encrypted data from the chip and analyse it against the displayed information to ensure document legitimacy and avoid spoof attacks.For NFC Verification, the end-user has to upload a photo of the chip-based ID document from their NFC-enabled smartphone. Then they have to tap the NFC chip of their ID document against the NFC reader on the smart device. NFC Verification matches the data extracted from the NFC chip against the information on the ID document and immediately delivers the results in real-time.