Ukraine's parliament has approved a measure that would see biometric identity cards issued to the population.The law, part of a package of the bills that Ukraine needs to adopt a visa-free regime with the EU, will see the country transiation from so-called “internal passports” to modern eID cards.The decision was supported by 226 lawmakers, exactly the minimum threshold for the vote to stand. To enter into force, the bill must now to be signed by the country's president.According to the law digitized fingerprints will be used for registration of passport, diplomatic, official and other documents.Earlier this year, the country's migration service started introducing new samples of “passport cards” with an electronic contactless chip.”We officially launched activities on introduction of the new system of issuing documents. But before it starts functioning, the order must be approved by the Cabinet”, the Director of the Department of Passport Work and Citizenship of the State Migration Service of Ukraine Dina Pimakhova said in March. “For now we are issuing documents of old design that will stay in force”.