Identity Week Asia 2023 begins tomorrow. We are gearing up to welcome over 2,500 attendees from the global identity market to the 2023 industry forum at the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore.

Our team is ready on hand to assist with your badge to enter the exhibition floor and meet hundreds of interesting companies with visions of authentication technology and access management solutions of the future!

Giving a conference welcome, the event will begin with a few opening words on Day 1 and 2 from Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist, at the Open Identity Exchange on united cooperation amongst the industry to achieve our goals for state-issued digital credentials, secure government and healthcare services and manageable IAM for enterprises. Identity solutions are becoming increasingly defined by interoperability, data capabilities, decentralised user ownership, and new technology like blockchain and wallets.

Join these relevant sessions at the conference on 7 November:

Presentation: Onboarding in Gov Services

Natalie Jones, OBE, Director, Digital Identity, Government Digital Service, UK Cabinet Office

  • Ensure a seamless onboarding experience for citizens and residents to access government services
  • Discuss the best way to verify identity and issue government-backed digital credentials

Panel: Onboarding in Gov Services

Tony Allen, Chief Executive, Age Check Certification Services Ltd

Kapil Jambhulkar, Director, UIDAI (Govt of India)

Andrew Bud, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, iProov Ltd

Face-Based Public Key Infrastructure: Advancing Privacy-Preserving, Biometric-Enabled Self-Sovereign Identity on Blockchain and Centralized Systems, for Governments and Organisations (Seventh Sense)

Varun Chatterji, Co-Founder & CTO, Seventh Sense

Identity Week Asia will also be the meeting place for private industries including finance, banking and travel, that will focus on modern digital identity and biometric technologies which enable digitisation and automation of KYC, onboarding and document checking processes. Facial recognition technology delivers the most secure border access defence through contactless touch and capture of passport information.

Check out the travel biometrics and digital identity in finance talks below! 

Panel: Contactless Biometrics

John Rule ,MD, Brands Australia

Helen Chua, Singapore Ambassador, Women in Identity

Riccardo Vecellio Segate, Research Associate (Biometrics Regulation), The Alan Turing Institute (London)

Presentation: Seamless Travel

Yanendra Weerakkody, Digital Transformation Lead, Sri Lankan Airlines

Presentation: Digital ID in Financial Services

  • Optimize digital identity for financial services applications, including KYC procedures
  • Establish a robust KYC system with the latest identity solutions

Ivy Fung, Vice President, Women in Blockchain Asia

Panel: Digital ID in Financial Services

  • How can banks seamlessly onboard customers without causing unecessary friction?
  • When reviewing their KYC practises, how can banks implement enhanced threat detection and awareness?

Moderator: Allen Sng Kiat Peng, Legal Expert, Law Reform Committee

Moderator:Allen Sng Kiat Peng,Legal Expert,Law Reform Committee

Olatunji Durodola, Founder/CEO UrbanID Ltd, Member of Secure Identity Alliance, Secure Identity Alliance
Nicholas Yang, Director, Taiwan Association for Blockchain Ecosystem Innovation